Faster and easier service using only your telephone number when contacting TrueVisions



TrueVisions offers faster and more convenient service at TrueVisions Care, with our newly-developed Automatic Customer Identification System – ACIS. When you dial 0-2725-2525, our system instantly identifies any registered telephone number and saves you the trouble of providing your subscriber number or smartcard number each time you call.

After the launch of ACIS, you will be able to easily register your telephone number and link it to your TrueVisions membership number. Once entered in our database, the system will instantly identify you each time you call.
The new system also allows us to provide Priority Premier Service  for Platinum and gold package members which will help prioritise these calls when Platinum and Gold members contact TrueVisions Care.

You can select any of your regular telephone numbers and register them with our ACIS system as follows: 1. Dial TrueVisions Care at tel. 0-2725-2525
2. The welcome message will immediately prompt you to enter your subscription number “ Welcome to True Visions Care. For English, please press 9. Please enter your registered number or your subscription number followed by The Hash key
3. Press 5 to register telephone number
4. Press 1, enter the telephone number you wish to dial

This will forward your call to a client service representative who will help you with registration or interactive voice responses.  

Remark : Both fixed line and mobile telephone numbers may be registered, with up to 4 telephone numbers per subscriber number.

You may check for your preference number/ subscriber number or smart card number  as follows:
1.Preference number :

This is your telephone number register on TrueVisions. You can register preference number maximum 4 number .
2. TrueVisions subscriber number:
This appears on your TrueVisions Invoice and on the label of your TrueVisions Magazine
3. Smart card number
This is printed on the Smart Card which is located in your IRD receiver

Or select additional services as follows:
For To contact a service representative, press 0

Press 1 For payment information
Press 2 For technical support
Press 3 for general  service support information

For order True Visions services and other True's products (TrueSport Club Channel), Press 1
For subscription payment inquiries, press 2
For instructions on how to manually refresh your decoder signal, press 3

For voice-response information and to receive information via fax machine, press 4
    Press 1 for voice-response information
    Press 1 for troubleshooting for initial problems by channel rearrangement information
    Press 2 for details of viewing packages and services
    Press 3 for promotion and True Visions Club activity
    Press 4 for hi-light Daily  programs 
    Press 5 for TrueVisions PVR information

Press 2 to receive information via fax machine
    Press 1 Troubleshooting for initial problems by channel rearrangement information
    Press 2 for details of viewing packages and services
    Press 3 for promotion and True Visions Club activity
    Press 4 to request after sales service fee details
    Press 5 to request trouble shooting for initial problems and equipment maintenance
    Press 6 for for hi-light programs and synopsis of the month
    Press 7 for TrueVisions PVR information 
    Press 8 to request forms


For To register your phone number with our service center, press 5
Press 1 to register phone number
Press 2 to listen to your registered phone number
Press 3 to change phone number you had registered 
Press 4 to cancel registered phone number, press 4